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Saturday, 6 August 2011


So, suffice to say quite alot has changed since I last did this. My last blog (now deleted (long story)) was before easter, while I was still in the thick of Nexus, probably struggling to think of anything worth reading to write about. Now I'm sitting in a bar in France, wearing my Nexus graduation hoodie, writing this on my sexy new MacBook Pro, enjoying the first exam-results-free summer I've had since the age of what, 14/15? I thought I'd reboot this ready for starting Uni in September - I assume it's September but I haven't actually had any details yet - in hindsight completely destroying the whole Nexus blog to avoid one person reading it might have been a little heavy handed, besides, doing this makes me look like I'm working as I sit in this bar making full use of the wifi but not actually having bought a drink... I'll try not to get too obsessed with the amount of page-views I get this time too!

Despite of all that, I really don't have much to say at the moment, plenty of interesting things have happened since the 'big delete' where I've thought 'Hmm.. I could write a blog about that!', but a mixture of crazy Nexus stuff and my not wanting to commit to writing anything more than 140 characters meant that I never got around to it. But anyway, this is the reintroduction of my blog, so welcome, again.